Sunday, August 30, 2009

We met our goal and more!

This is the story of my first 1/2 marathon which I am so grateful for in my book of life. I am also very grateful for my sweet husband who supports me and allows me to steal his mornings so I can prepare for such an event by running each day, my sweet children who give me great smiles as they ask me, "Mom did you win the race again?", and my sister Megan who sacrificed her weekend so I could leave the little rugrats and spend the day racing in Logan. Here are the little ones and I after returning home that day with the sign Kevin made me for the race.

Brigden (3), Harris (5), Mandolin, Bevan (almost 7 months,) and Halen (almost 7)

And this is the story:
My sweet adorable cousin, Tiffanie, and I have taken up running together this last summer and we both just love it, almost as much as we love being together bright and early in the mornings. After we finished running on the same Ragnar Team for the Wasatch Back in June, we realized we needed a goal to keep us going and decided the Top of Utah 1/2 Marathon was it! It was scheduled for Aug 29th in Logan and we shaped our runs around this goal. Three weeks before the 1/2 marathon we ran a 10K together to give us good practice and measurement as to where we really were in our running abilities. We were both very excited to find that although we weren't major competitors, we didn't finish last and met our timing goal. After finishing the 10K we upped our runs a major notch and ran a total of 34 miles the next week as well as the week after that which included a 10 mile run and a 12 mile run. Well, that was it. We were ready. We knew we wouldn't compete, or come close to being amazing runners, but our only goal was to finish without walking.

Well, to say, the least....We did it and loved every minute of it! Here we are at the finish line just after we finished.

This next picture shows the pure exhaustion on my face that Tiff and I felt at the end of the race. It wasn't because of the length of the race, but because of our last 1 mile choices. As Tiff and I had only made a goal to finish the race without walking, we had never discussed "pushing it" at any time. When the last mile came upon us we came upon a lot of participants walking. It was really hard to see so many walking because all you really wanted to do was to walk yourself at that point, but it was then that I reminded Tiff and I of our goal: No walking! Soon after our rededication to our goal we turned the last corner and could see the finish line afar. It was a little misleading because it seemed closer than it was by the blur of people, but what Tiff and I both didn't realize was that the crowds of people were lined up before the finish line, not after, hence our confusion in assuming the finish was closer than actuality. At our excitement to end the race, Tiff turns to me and asks, "Do you want to push it?" My heart raced because I really wanted to and was so excited at the opportunity to start becoming the real athlete I want to be and remember being years ago. I told her as soon as we passed a landmark a few feet ahead so I could mentally prepare myself. The landmark came and we were off and I mean "Off!" We started sprinting. How? After running 12 miles did we start sprinting? Most likely, adrenaline and pure persistence, but wow, did we ever sprint! It seemed like the first few sprints were faster then each one thereafter, but we kept at it. We were passing people like crazy and it felt so great considering how many people had passed us along the way. My heart was racing and I could barely breath, but we just kept pushing! It felt great and horrible all at the same time! I knew we could't stop and give in until we crossed the finish line and since I was struggling I started cheering Tiff on, "Go Tiff!" I knew if she stopped I'd stop and watching her by my side sprint with all she had was keeping me going. I just kept cheering for her, "You can do it! Tiff!" I'm sure she was surprised at my nonstop cheering, but it was all I could do to keep my mind off the ridiculous pain and fatigue I was feeling. I swear that last mile was just as long mentally as the other 12 put together. Well, this is the look on my face immediately after we crossed the finish. Exhaustion! and "Are you kidding me?"

One of the best parts of our run was as we were in our dead sprints approaching the finish line we both were shocked to death, almost literally, by my sweet brother Kevin. He had come to cheer us on at the finish line and not only cheer us on, but give all other spectators a show as well. Here is the look on my face as I realize that the freakishly loud voice cheering is actually in support of Tiff and I, as well as that the person in that ridiculous outfit is my brother. Don't worry, the outfit is coming up next.

Kevin had attended an 80's party the night before and had taken the "dress up" requirements for the 80's party quite literally! He figured his outfit was perfect for the crazy fun of supporting his sister and cousin in their first 1/2 marathon, but quite a few spectators didn't quite agree. He got quite a few interesting looks as well as laughs and giggles at the amazing outfit. What was ironic to me was not the outfit, but how good his legs looked in it. This picture just does not do his legs justice. I was left jealous and wishing my legs looked so good! We told him that he truly belonged at a Ragnar Relay in this kind of an outfit, not a prim and proper small town 1/2 marathon gathering.

This entire event was such a wonderful occassion in my life. I have loved being a mother and a wife and watching my life change in support of these new roles of mine, but I have also in the mean time lost who I really am. It is a daily struggle to do all I should do as well as remember who I am while doing these things. Running has become a passion for me because it has given me back me! I love taking care of my body and enjoying the energy and physical results during the day because of my hard work and sacrifice. I don't think I've enjoyed any of my babies as much as I have Bevan and not because of her, but because of me. I am so happy with who I am and have so much energy because of my activity level that it has made all the difference in the world. I have loved being able to have a goal and accomplish it. I love this new part of me or at least this rediscovered part of me. I am a person and I am loving being so again!

I especially love spending time with Tiffanie. I love sharing and listening with her during our runs. It's such a pleasure to chat and bond as we run and to have each other to keep our minds off our gruelling runs. Running has become a great blessing in my life at a time when I really need an out from the heavy stresses. It gives me a daily escape from the weight of stress on my emotions and moods. I'm sure the extra endorphins from the physical activity are a major help as well! Anyhow, yay! for us, we did it and more!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Brigden's Big Ideas

Brigden, we are learning, is a very imaginative and creative child. He loves to play by himself with his CARS and can do so for hours. He doesn't need much outer stimulation to be happy because he just creates it for himself.
Brigden (3 1/2) giving Bevan (6 mo) a ride in the jeep.

Most of the things he says and does bring a huge smile to our faces because he is so adorable. Dave has appropriately nicknamed him "Precious." He even runs in a precious/adorable way so we also like to call him "Prancy Pants." It would seem that he should be a girl with the nicknames that we've given him, but when you see the miscevious glimmer in his eye, the deep adorable dimples in his cheeks, and the constant grin on his face, there's no questioning his "Precious" personality.

Lately, one of his favorite things to do is to run up to Dave or I and dramatically say, "Mom/Dad, I have a big idea today!" To which, we are wondering what it could be, assuming it is something new and innovative, so we reply, "What?" "It's Cars!" We're not quite sure what that means or if he really knows what it means to have a big idea, but he's very proud of the fact that he thought of Cars at that moment so we go along with it. "What about cars?" "Lightning McQueen Cars, Mom/Dad!" "Wow, that's great." We will go through this conversation frequently during the week and usually right as he's going to bed.

Currently he is sleeping in the crib again because his mind just doesn't slow down enough when he goes to bed in the same room with anyone else and he ends up staying up for hours jumping on his bed or talking. Both Halen and Harris will complain of how he won't stop talking. He'd much rather play and have fun than go to sleep. Therefore, we had to move him back into the crib so he wouldn't have any choice but to focus on sleeping in a room all by himself. Each night as we put him to bed he climbs on a chair, for easier access, steps on the top of the crib railing and then jumps into the bed. Halen and Harris would have just climbed carefully into the crib, but no, Brigden has to make it FUN! This is Brigden's personality; Making everything FUN!

I am tiring of finding ways to make chores and tasks fun to get him to accomplish them. I don't completely agree with the idea, but sometimes it's just easier to conform and make his task a competitive race so he'll do it than it is to enforce with pure disciplinary parenting.

The worst part about being Brigden's parent is that he is such a charmer! Each time we try to discipline him and speak seriously, looking straight into his eyes, he just giggles and laughs. It's very difficult to get him to concentrate or care about the topic at hand. He loves to laugh, play, and have FUN!

Each time Brigden gets physically hurt he says, "I hurt my feelings." I'm not sure how he picked this one up, but we just love hearing him be so "precious" that we have yet to inform him that it's really not his feelings that are hurt, but his body.
He is going to preschool this year and is so excited to be able to go to school like his other brother and sister. He loves his backpack and carries it everywhere he can.

Although he is difficult to discipline because of his happy personality, he is a wonderful joy to have around. Everyone remarks on his happy disposition and his charming dimples. He warms the heart of everyone and anyone he meets as well as his parents. We love him dearly and are so grateful to have him in our family.

Monday, August 17, 2009

My Skilled Sweet Hubby!

One of our many projects over the last home renovation has been the garage. We are almost finished with it's remodeling and one of our last projects in doing so is for Dave to build shelves for the last wall. He's already spent many hours building beautiful shelves on the other 2 shelves. The shelves he's working on currently will hold our food and food storage since we don't have a pantry in our kitchen. I am so excited to have it done because it will allow me to hold a lot more food storage than previously. In our discussions of the perfect shelving unit we've discussed the pros and cons of a rolling can system. I would love to have one, but I need to store so much more than just cans so given the very little space Dave and I decided to just do shelves. Dave knew how much I wanted a rolling can system and so in his sleepness nights he dreamed up a way for me to have both. How sweet that was of him to figure out how to make me happy, regardless of the extra work.
His plan is to have a rolling system behind the shelving unit and has figured out the perfect way to do it. He is so maticulous in his planning and building and always comes out with a beautiful finished project. Here is the beginning of the project. You can notice the slanted wood pieces that will allow the cans to roll downward.
It's funny, but when we were young and getting married I never would have imagined that my husband to be would be so incredibly handy. It amazes me the skills he has and the confidence he utilizes to accomplish so many projects. In our entire home renovation he has done everything, except properly hook up the furnace. Everything! He is amazing and so talented. I am so grateful for his skills and his abilities. What a blessing he has been to our wallet. We never could have accomplished so much without his talents and his hard work ethic. I love him dearly!

Saturday is a Special Day!

Saturday is a special day.
It's the day we get ready for Sunday;
We clean the house, and we shop at the store,
So we won't have to work until Monday.
We clean our clothes, and we shine our shoes.
And we call it our get-the-work done day.
Then we trim our nails, and we shampoo our hair,
So we can be ready for Sunday!

Seriously, I sung this song countless times as a child in primary, but took a break for many years from it's teachings. This is not to say, however, that Saturday was not a work day because it has always been just that, but it's been so much of a work day that I've forgotten to make it a "work to be prepared for Sunday" day. Well, after much fun last week, I found myself supporting Dave in his desirous chore list and not knowing what to do with myself. It was then that the lyrics to this primary song came into my head. In the past I've used Monday as a day to clean the house and prepare for the week, as well as pick up from the weekend. As I went through the words of the song I realized that maybe my Monday activities should happen on Saturday so I can truly relax in a clean organized home on Sunday and not feel the itch to get stuff done while trying to truly relax and enjoy the Sabbath.
Well, I went for it. I cleaned all day Saturday, bathed the kids, and had the house clean and ready for Sunday. It made a huge difference in my attitude Sunday morning. Instead of instantly feeling stressed and overwhelmed as I walked into a messy or unkept kitchen, I felt relaxed and relieved that everything was already in it's place and no work to be done. We had a great family home evening, not rushed as happens too often, and plenty of time to get ready for church as well as just enjoy being together for the day. I even sat down to watch a little golf with Dave, which never happens, but because I felt relaxed enough with myself, I could relax with him how he relaxes. Another huge benefit was that my house was ready to accept company without me last minute stressing on prepping the house for their arrival.
It was a wonderful Sunday and I owe it all to primary. "Saturday is a Special Day!" and I've learned that it is just as important as Sunday because without it, Sunday could not be as Special for me!

Friday, August 14, 2009

A Few Favorite Things!

Dave and I are always looking for better ways to simplify and streamline our life. It's just our personalities. This is why I've recently come upon another one of my favorite things, but first, you must know that one thing I hate to do most is fold socks! I mean hate! I don't really enjoy doing laundry, but I HATE finding, matching, folding, and putting away socks! I love summer just because there are fewer socks to fold.
Well, one day a light went off in my head. I know this is not a new idea, but it was for sure new to me. I realized that those laundry mesh bags can not only be used for delicate items, but also items that you don't want to separate, like.....SOCKS! So, I tried it. At first I was sure it wouldn't work because the socks wouldn't get clean enough, thinking of my sons dirty socks, as they were washed in the laundry mesh bags, but I was wrong. They did! The other great thing was the mesh bags I bought are large enough that you can fit quite a few pair of socks in them at a time. So here is where my crazy neurotic organizational side comes in. I labeled each bag with the child's name and instructed them to put their dirty socks in these bags from now on. Then when the laundry is collected, so is the bag and the socks never separate. I swear it's like a dream come true. I know some people enjoy a good book, but seriously a good organizational tactic can take me so much farther and in such a shorter amount of time than any book can.
Here are Brigden's and Harris' sock bags hanging on the edge of their hamper.

Here is Halen's sock bag labeled with her name.

I've also decided to do the same with my socks and delicate items and just love that I can now find my little running socks easily in the clean laundry basket. I'm sure you'll notice that there isn't a bag for Dave and honestly there never will be. Some things you can't change, no matter how glorious of an idea it is. I can barely get Dave to unroll his socks after he wears them, let alone require him to put them in a mesh laundry bag. This is just reality! The difference is it's a lot easier to match and fold the socks of one person than it is the socks of 6 people.

Another thing that has made my life lately is outfits. I've started putting the kids clothing into outfits after doing the laundry and then they just have to go pick an outfit each day. Amazingly, not only has it taken less time in the mornings to get ready because they already have matched outfits to choose from, but it has significantly cut down on the wash I have to do each week. I love this new outfit thing.

And the last favorite thing of mine is something that Dave and I have been looking forward to buying for months. Silly, but true....a tuna fish can drainer. Dave just about cries each time he has to drain a tuna fish can and is unable to do so completely, meaning leaving the tuna as waterless as possible. Well, I had heard of a tuna fish can drainer months ago and have searched stores over and over for one, but to no avail. Just last week I was in the store and the angels sang as I noticed......"No way... A Tuna Fish Can Drainer!" I did it. I found one. I couldn't wait to come home and tell Dave. When I showed it to him, I think I was more excited than he was, but I also had to remind myself that he is a man of very little expression and therefore his little expression was equally comparable to my great expression. Anyhow, we are now the proud owners of a Tuna Fish Can Drainer. It really does make a difference in your can draining.

Monday, August 10, 2009

10K, 34, and Counting

Ever since I began really running in training for the Ragnar Relay, I've caught the bug, as runners would say. I love running and I love even more having something to train for. So my cousin Tiffanie and I decided we needed to sign up for some races to keep us going. One of these races was a 10K for South Weber City Days. The Richard Bouchard Memorial Race. The race took place this last Saturday.
Tiffanie and I had been training or at least trying to run in preparation for this race for weeks. Our goal was basically to finish, not necessarily to win or place. Well, we did just that. We didn't have to stop and walk once and we pushed ourselves pretty well the first 2 miles and then enjoyed the last 4 and some. It was my first actual individual race and I was very proud of myself for completing it. I'd always figured a 5K was as much as I would be able to do, but surprised myself by being able to do a 10K. I can't express how excited I am to have this one under my running belt and am so looking forward to the 1/2 marathon Tiff and I have signed up for in Logan (Top of Utah) in a few weeks.
The other benefit to a good running week last week was the number of miles I was able to total for the week. Last year, when I started to gain a running passion within myself, I set a goal to run as many miles as my age in one week. At the time it was 33 and I accomplished just that. It overwhelmed me because I wasn't in as good of running shape back then, but I did it nonetheless. This year I had in the back of my mind the idea of running 34 in one week, but just kept putting it off because I wasn't sure if I really wanted to make that a personal tradition or not (recognizing, of course, the idea that each birthday adds a year and therefore another mile).
Well, in preparation for the 10K, I actually accomplished this age-mile goal. I am now 34 and last week I ran 34 miles. I'm so excited that I was able to do it and just love the idea of keeping up with it again next year. I love this new hobby of mine. It makes me feel so good inside and I love having something to work towards, besides one of the greatest perks is getting to spend time with my friends and family, especially my aunt Kristen, her daughters Tiff and Tasha, Kristen's fun friends, and any other sucker I can get to run with me at the wee hours of the morning.

Mini Me!

Bevan is now 6 months old and wow, as everyone knows, time does fly! She is finally getting some fat onto her body and doesn't look like such a skeleton anymore. Her blue eyes are the first thing everybody notices and also how much she looks like Dave. I pulled out a picture of Dave as a baby and it's amazing how similar they are. I don't know why I say it's amazing since she is his child, but it's just so fun to see such similarities! They have the same of almost everything. She is his "mini me."

She is now eating solid foods and loving them. She is a great eater. She is also a great sleeper and sleeps through the night and has a few long naps during the day. She goes to sleep so great at home. After I lay her down she will always roll over onto her tummy. She loves to sleep on her tummy with her binky in her mouth, which she is actually better at chewing on and playing with than sucking on, and then she'll just go to sleep when she's ready. She is a wonderful baby which makes me wonder if she'll show us her true trouble colors later in her toddler years. Probably!

Her grin is as wide as can be and I just love to see her light up like this. She is easily amused and thank goodness because her brothers and sister do some pretty interesting things that make her laugh, but make me worried. She is generally a very happy baby. This could be very indicative of her "mini me" persona taking after Dave. Dave is a generally very happy person!

Dave as a baby, sometime in his first year. Bevan makes this same look, I just don't have a picture to show it. It is so fun to see the look of him in her!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Grandma Beth Martini

Last Sunday Dave's Grandma; Beth McPherson Martini passed away after a wonderfully blessed long life, the last 13 years of it without her sweetheart; Edward "Whitey" Martini. When the news first came we were initially excited because she spent the last 4-5 years of her life in pain dealing with an aging body and mind. As the immediate days passed we slowly became more and more sad as we remembered her influence in our lives. Dave was very blessed to have grandparents who loved him and welcomed him into their home.

Even though it is very common where we live, it is something we might take for granted and Dave and I are grateful that Whitey and Beth were such great parents and examples to their two boys; Ed and Robert, and other children and grandchildren. In turn, Ed, their son and Dave's father, was a wonderful father. We're so happy that they are now able to enjoy each other; Whitey, Beth, and Ed.

Our little family, but not feeling so little anymore.

Mandolin, Bevan (6 months), Dave

Halen (6), Brigden (3), and Harris (5)

What a beautiful moment! I asked the children to sit down by the flowers as we arrived at the funeral home. Then I asked Halen to put her arms around Brigden and immediately all three lifted up their arms and tried to wrap them all around each other. Ok, so maybe all the hours of preparation to get them dressed up was worth this wonderful moment!

The majority of the Ed & Marlene Family

The Ed & Marlene Martini Family: Alicia, Jan, Marlene, Brian, Dave, & Stephen. Ed passed in 2002 and Nathan was unable to attend.

Whitey & Beth's son Robert & his wife Dixie. We love her caramel popcorn and Dave has very fond memories of camping with them throughout his youth. They are of the few people that Dave will play cards with.

The Robert & Dixie Martini family

Even though funerals and passings are difficult, and especially because Dave and I have both lost a parent already, I'm growing to love them because they remind me of the promises of the hereafter! I look forward to passing someday and being with my mother and other family members. I did, however, say "someday" though because for right now I am very happy where I am!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Lost Tooth Fairy

Halen just lost one of her two front teeth and given her history with a very forgetful tooth fairy she mentioned to me right before she went to sleep, "I sure hope the tooth fairy doesn't forget me again." She also questioned, "Do you think the tooth fairy will take my tooth this time?" The last couple of teeth she has lost, only once did the tooth fairy take her tooth. The other three times the tooth was left under Halen's pillow, confusing Halen very much as to what the normal procedure should be. I just responded, "I'm not sure, I don't remember what happened when the tooth fairy visited me." Then Halen, a very content child, said, "Well, I guess there doesn't have to be a certain way to do it. "

The night came and Halen finally fell asleep hoping the tooth fairy wouldn't forget her...and then the morning came. As I returned from my run I found her asleep on the couch upstairs. She told me that she couldn't sleep downstairs so she quickly drew a picture for the tooth fairy to know that she had gone upstairs so there would be no confusion when the tooth fairy was looking for her. This is the picture she drew for the tooth fairy.

After explaining to me of her change in location, she and I searched high and low for the money the tooth fairy was suppossed to have left her. We did not find it. The tooth fairy isn't very good at leaving money in obvious locations when it visits our home. So we searched more and more until we finally found it had mysteriously fallen through the cracks on the side of the bed next to the mattress and was on the carpet. Thank heavens. She wasn't sure if the tooth fairy left her money and I wasn't sure how the tooth fairy was going to leave her money in the middle of the chaos. Oh, that poor tired tooth fairy, she really needs to get better at her job! I'm sure with many kids in the future she will, but hopefully before Halen is done losing teeth.

Her second upper tooth is about to come out so let's hope the tooth fairy can get that one without any problems. We shall see. Here is a happy toothless Halen with her tooth, money, and a nice bedhead. She is such a sweetheart and a joy in our home!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Their Jeep Dreams Come True!

Dave and I have always wanted to buy our children one of those battery operated child size cars or jeeps, but have never really had the funds to be able to do so. I've also always had a little bit of an inner battle within myself because I wasn't sure if I wanted them to have one since it might be something that would spoil them. I grew up pretty unspoiled and I am always afraid that if my children have anything other than nothing, they'll be spoiled and take things for granted. Silly, maybe, but reality! Dave has never had any such feelings and if money weren't the issue, the children would have had one of these child vehicles years ago. Well, this last Saturday, the children's dreams came true. My cousin Jeff Lewandoski called me with a short fuse offer. He said he was getting rid of his jeep and it was ours if we could pick it up that very day. Hallelujiah we were in a position to be able to do so because it has been the best purchase (or gift) that we've ever had in our posession for the children. They are so happy together when they get to drive/ride it. I love that they'll go out and ride/drive in it together and just take turns driving.
It was quite a challenge to teach them how to drive it because it drives just like a real automatic transmission car. Harris took to it quickly and Halen took some time, given her cautious personality, but they both are pretty good at it now. Brigden is a professional passenger for the time being because he can't reach the pedals just yet. They are so fun to watch when they drive it from our house to our neighbors. What a blessing. Thanks Jeff & Jamie for thinking of us. We are tickled pink, or I mean tickled green!

Our New Walkway!

Dave and I had a very exciting weekend last weekend. We spent all of last summer tearing down 40 or so 50-foot poplars and at the end of the summer we had Dave's brother, Nathan, use his excavator to tear out the stumps to most of these trees. Dave, in his perfect little world, also had Nathan tear out our walkway which headed straight from the side walk near the road to our front door because, as Dave says, "if you're going to do it, do it right. This walkway should go from the driveway to the front door, not straight to the other sidewalk. It's more appealing if we curve it to the driveway."
To which, I reply, "Really? Are you sure, you want to go to all this work just because a walkway should go from a driveway to the front door. Really? Another project, really?" Dave replies, "Yep!"
In our time together, I've learned that if Dave wants something done and it's really not a 10 on my list, it's not worth fighting it because he'll do all the work to get it done anyway, it just might be super annoying for me to wait for the task to be finished, but the end result is 99% of the time worth it and it makes Dave very happy! So...Nathan tore out the walkway and there we were, without a walkway, but a lot of dirt for a year. Ughh!

This is the old walkway before we removed it.

It was actually really fun to watch Nathan tear up the old walkway with the excavator.

Since Friday was the only day we could pour the concrete for the new walkway or various reasons, we were delayed week after week in June and July because of rain and holidays until finally Dave was able to put up the molds for the new walkway and porch last weekend.
We have fantastic friends who helped us; Tim Hair, Ty Bindrup, Bill Bindrup, and Mark Wood (not shown).

This is the curved walkway Dave has been dreaming of. He is so maticulous about his home projects that he even designed it's aesthetic curving on his drafting program for nights and nights and nights in preparation for the actual event.

To add to the pleasure of no walkway, we didn't water our lawn all last year either because we were planning on redoing the sprinkling system and therefore redoing the weeded horrible lawn, given the fact that so many trees had been pulled up that there wasn't much of a lawn anyway. So, that gave us no lawn, no sidewalk, and pretty much no dignity!

Ok, so ignoring all the other imperfections of our home; what a great thing to have a walkway! I am so happy and so are all of our visitors who no longer have to walk through muddy dirt or our unorganized garage. We are gradually making our way up in the homeowner world! Extremely slowely, but surely!

It's been a year, a very dirty, embarrassing, and "awkward for our visitors" year. And now, it's over. We've even gone out the last few nights to enjoy the cool summer air in the evening on our new porch. Of course, there are no railings and no grass, but there is a walkway!

In Relief Society this last Sunday, I almost jumped out of my seat when they asked if anyone had a good news moment to share because finally I had "good news" to share! I'll admit my overwhelming excitement must have been slightly strange to others as I shouted, "I have a walkway!"