Friday, September 26, 2008

Watch out, I'm getting religious!

So this year I've tried really hard to revert back to my excellent mission study habits and daily devote time for myself to seriously study the scriptures, instead of just read them. I have found over many years that I really do love learning about Christ and His gospel, but in order for me to truly do so I have to put in the time and effort. Last spring I decided to do something about it since I hadn't been learning too much about the gospel in stinky diapers and late night feedings. I signed up to take an institute class at the local LDS Institute. The class was on the second half of Isaiah and believe it or not; I was ecstatic. I remember my mom attending such classes while I was in high school and college and how she would excitedly teach us things she would learn. As I enjoyed remembering those fond memories, I realized I should still be doing something to be learning and knew a class on Isaiah would definitely be something I could learn from.
The class is now over, but I can't believe how much I looked forward to it and loved learning all about Isaiah's writings. Unfortunately, this fall I missed the boat on signing up for another institute class, but one day stumbled upon the BYU channel that we've had for quite a while. I've always known we had it, but somehow never really registered in my crazy head that the BYU channel actually broadcasts current and old devotionals and talks. I realized that I didn't need to get in my car, find a volunteer sitter for my children, and rearrange my schedule to be religiously educated. I just needed to turn on the tv!
Since then, I've listened to some really inspiring talks that have helped me either bring or keep the spirit in my home and feel enlightened and educated during my special quiet time of the day. One of my favorites was a talk given by Sheri Dew at Education Week. She spoke on how living the gospel really includes sharing the gospel. She said we should be using all of our means to share our feelings for the gospel and actually mentioned using our blogs for a religious outlet. Ever since she said this my conscience has not let me rest.
I've decided that although different from most blogs that I see, I'm going to try to include my own spiritual insights or learnings occassionally because not only do these things truly excite me, but also because I'd love to hear those of others, and I figure why not, there's more to me than kids and cleaning house.
Given this post is already really long, I'll keep my first insight short. As I was studying the upcoming Book of Mormon chapters a few weeks ago, I read in the Book of Mormon Institute Manual something I always knew, but never really pieced together in my head before so clearly.
In 3 Nephi 2: 5-8, there is reference to 100 years passing since Mosiah, king over the people of the Nephites, and 609 years since Lehi left Jerusalem, and 9 years since the sign was given of Christ's birth or "coming." Because I've never been a great historian, I haven't previously paid much attention to dates in the scriptures, but the manual laid it out very clearly for me.
It explained that the Nephites used three systems of reckoning time: 1) the number of years since Lehi left Jerusalem used from 600 BC to 92 BC (see Mosiah 29:44-47, Alma 1:1), 2) the number of years from the beginning of the reign of the judges used for about one hundred years, from 92 BC to AD 9 (see Nephi 2:5-7), and 3) the years "to reckon their time from [the] period when the sign was given, or from the coming of Christ" (3 Nephi 2:8, in reference to his birth) which was the system used for the remainder of the Nephite record. Now I knew the BC and AD systems, but the 2nd one of the 'reign of the judges' always kind of left me puzzled and now I feel like the puzzle pieces fit so much more clearly because they overlap. It's a lot like standard time and army time, i.e. using 17 instead of 5 pm. Anyhow, there it is, something new or maybe not and the "click" in my head went off a little later than it did for the rest of you.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The good ol' days!

When Halen and Harris are both off to school, it is a very sweet time in our home with just Brigden and I. Usually so I can get something done and he can be entertained and educated, I'll put Sesame Street on TV. As soon as he notices it is on, he'll grab his blanket, pillow, and binky and lay down to watch the entire thing without manipulation or being easily distracted. Just looking at him enjoy the show brings such a peace to me thinking of what it was like in the good ol days when I did the same. Sometimes, very rarely, I'll even sit down and enjoy it with him. What a sweet time we enjoy together! I think these are the moments people are referring to when they say their young parenthood years were their sweetest and to relish in them because they go fast!

Monday, September 22, 2008

6 out of 8!

This last Sunday my brother Kevin spoke in his new ward after returning home from his LDS mission to Nashville Tennessee. He gave a wonderful talk and we were all very impressed. We were also very excited to have 6 out of 8 siblings back together again. It's been a while since we've been able to have so many together given missions, move aways, etc.

Megan, Mandolin, Brandon, Kevin, Collin, and Corbin (missing Brynn & Cardin)

It was wonderful to be together after the meeting as we all hung out and just enjoyed one another's company. There's just nothing like family sometimes!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's a GIRL!!!

So, the secret is finally out. I held off from telling my kids of our "expecting" status so I wouldn't have to discuss it every five minutes during each day. As a result of this when I took Halen to my OB appointment, she didn't even know I was pregnant. Therefore, when we got into the room to wait for my doctor, I told her why we were there and that we were going to get to find out what our baby was at the same time.
Being Halen, she didn't give even a third of the reaction I was hoping for and assumed she'd give since she'd been asking me for at least 3 years for a baby sister. She merely smiled and shrug her shoulders as if she were embarrassed at the news. Even though her reaction was quite a dissapointment, I was able to deal with it better than I would have 7 years ago since I've now gotten used to the minimal reaction type due to my husband's low key personality. For instance, when I got home, he said, "So?" and I said, "It's a girl." and he said, "Huh. Good." Without even breaking a smile. It's just one of those things that my "cheerleader" personality has had to learn to deal with as I find myself easily giving away overly excited reactions like screaming and jumping over my neighbors new curtains. Seriously? We are all very different, aren't we?
Anyhow, it wasn't until I returned Halen to school that she semi-excitedly told her teacher her absence was due to her visit to see her baby sister at the doctors as she sheepishly cracked a smile.
Anyhow, we are very excited we are getting a girl. We're 18 weeks along and she is due on February 20. Maybe we'll have a Valentine's baby, who knows?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Kevin's coming home!

We can hardly wait! It's been a very long 2 years and while very much worth the wait, we are so excited to welcome our sweet fun loving younger brother and uncle Kevin home. He arrives this evening at the SLC airport in from the LDS Nashville Tennessee Mission. Halen and Harris have been counting down the days every day for the last few weeks and we're so excited, did I say that already? For a blast from the past, here's a pic from his farewell. A lot has changed and therefore, with as few local family members as we're experiencing lately, we can't wait to have another one back with us again!

Kevin is such a joy to have around and his smile always brings such happiness and warmth to the room, hence our excitement to have him back. While he's been gone, it's been a little strange to have a daily reminder of him as I've found quite a similarity in his baby pictures and our son Brigden. I've enjoyed seeing the same looks I see in Kevin, but it has also been painstaking to constantly be reminded of his absence, but more. He's home...almost. Yay!!!!!
Side note: If you haven't been notified yet, he'll be speaking this Sunday at my Dad's ward in Kaysville @ 9:00 am. Call me for details.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

He did it!!!

Given Harris' one week delay in beginning preschool, since Halen started school a week ago, he has been on edge every day wondering when his school was going to start. At first it was an adjustment for him to understand that he didn't get to go to kindergarten this year and that he would be attending preschool again. We had to rename his preschool to 4-year old preschool because then he felt better knowing he had progressed given last year was 3-year old preschool. Then each day he would sing the days of the week so he could recognize how much closer his big first day was. Finally, he awoke today, with puffy eyes after a long night of needed rest, only to realize with a large smile, "Mom, today is the day." We got his chores done, with minimal resistance (a huge plus) and assembled all his necessary items in his new backpack and off he was. He was so thrilled. I just love it when my children are happy. It makes my day so lovely!!! His smile says it all.