Saturday, July 12, 2008

In Too Deep!

To be brief, my life at the moment is just too deep! There is too much going on that is just not fun and interesting and weighs down on me tirelessly, therefore I have obviously not had the desire to post over the last month, but am now newly motivated as I recently read one of my sis' posts; 114 things about her. I really enjoyed reading it because I learned interesting things about her that I never would have known, had she not posted this post and therefore figured since I'm not very inclined to write about my deep and stressful life, I can still enjoy writing about something I know very well, me! So here goes:

1. I wish I were a really skilled cook, but am not.

2. I love to have a full planned out day with many events.

3. I have always struggled just sitting down to read a book, but am working on it and am starting to learn how to enjoy reading a book.

4. I have highlighted my hair about 4 times, and each time I've returned to the stylist to have my hair colored to cover up the highlights. I always feel like a zebra when it's highlighted and can't handle the change.

5. I wish I were adventurous, but I'm really not. I don't dare to do very many things. I hate taking risks.

6. I hate making my bed in the morning, but I love walking into my bedroom during the day when the bed is made. It's a daily struggle of delayed gratification or instant gratification.

7. I love to watch romantic comedies, but rarely do because I hate fighting for it with my husband.

8. I've played soccer all my life and after taking a 3 year break after having my 2nd child, I started up again and played on a team this last month and thoroughly enjoyed it, but seriously hated the fact that I am no longer as young as I think I am or want to be. My mind is there, but my body isn't.

9. One of my weird habits is that I type the things people are saying when I'm listening. I do it all the time without even knowing it. A few years ago I realized I did it and decided I needed to stop this bad habit, so I worked really hard at it until I was successful, but also then realized that I wasn't really successful because while I had stopped typing with my fingers what others were saying, I just started typing with my toes instead. Weird, eh? I know, but hey, I'm a really fast typist!

10. I hate to fly on planes! I hate to fly on planes! I hate to fly on planes! I almost always throw up and have a really hard time not getting nauseated!

11. I have really weird dreams! Last night I dreamt I was listening to Dave on our wedding day at our wedding luncheon and he was giving a sermon on anti-homosexuality. HuH?

12. I don't mind cleaning my house, doing the dishes, washing the windows, cleaning the bathrooms, or most chores, but I hate to fold laundry!!!! It will quite often sit in a large pile on my floor for a few days until it's just ridiculously yelling at me, "Are you kidding you lazy slob, get a grip and fold me, how irresponsible are you?"

13. I still reminisce about my trip to New York with girlfriends 2 1/2 years ago!

14. I cannot believe that I have such a beautiful daughter. I'm secretly jealous and wish that I could have been so strikingly beautiful with long blond hair and piercing green eyes. (Thou shalt not covet, woops!)

15. I am afraid of an empty event less day on my calendar. Seriously, I hate the unexpected and unplanned!

16. My favorite shows currently are "So you think you can dance," "The Bachelorette (was)," "Bones," and "Deadliest Catch."

17. I wish I were more expressive in high school and not so afraid to be myself or friendly.

18. I am so so so sick of cutting down trees and renovating our yard and home.

19. I hate that my mother passed away almost 2 years ago and would much rather go back to life 3-4 years ago.

20. It drives me nuts to have to prove my love to others, when they should know after time and time again of showing my love through my actions, but they consistently forget the second after I've left the premises.

21. 2 of my all time favorite movies are Knight's Tale and The Cutting Edge.

22. Dave makes fun of me because I love the movie "Titanic" and feel the scene with nudity is truly art!

23. I am a huge scaredy cat and cannot handle scary movies at all. Dave won't even take me to haunted houses because he values his arms, my saving grace as I walk through and cling to him during the entire haunted house.

24. I dream of romantic dates and moments with my husband.

25. I love warm and fresh mac and cheese and hate making it for my kids because it is always a struggle for me not to eat it.

26. I love tuna fish sandwiches.

27. I love to study my scriptures about 30-45 minutes a day, I said I love to, I didn't say I do.

28. I hate to bear my testimony, but love to give talks. It's the impromptu stuff that makes me uncomfortable.

29. I hate talking on the telephone, unless I'm folding laundry or doing my dishes.

30. I hate doing my hair, but love the days that my hair is actually done, just like my dilemma with making my bed, what a joke!

31. I love a decorated room and feel like a failure each time I walk into a room in my home that isn't decorated.

32. I have really high expectations for myself that I am constantly working on lowering.

33. My minivan is almost always dirty and it drives me nuts!

34. I love my calling as Young Women Secretary because I get to relate to the young women on my own terms since I can't always be in attendance, but am able to go occasionally.

35. I am so grateful I am no longer single, but secretly wish at times I were.

36. I hate roller coasters.

37. I love shows and musicals. Wicked was Wicked!!!

38. I had bunion surgery 2 months before Dave and I were married. It was difficult because I had it done on both feet and therefore couldn't walk for weeks and Dave had to do therapy on my toes each night bending them as far as possible while I would scream into a pillow in pain. My toes work great now, but oh the painful memories. Dave loves to rub along my scars now as I yell at him because of the numb sensation I feel as he does so. I hate it.

39. I love my husband and my children!

40. I love Cafe Rio Grilled Chicken Salads, but always hate that I finish the entire thing and am so incredibly full that I feel sick each time.

41. If calories didn't count, I could live on Cold Stone Sweet Cream w/ Raspberries in a plain waffle bowl every day!

42. I love starting my day with a 5:30 AM workout, I know I am very abnormal.

43. Just last night, I realized I might have a very small inkling of what Christ felt like as he cried to his father while on the cross, "Father, why hast thou forsaken me?" as I relate it to my own feelings occasionally with my mother.

44. I am a RED-BLUE, but was once a BLUE-RED until I met my husband who is a BLUE-WHITE/RED and most of my blue is now in hiding since I am bombarded with such a great amount of my husband's blue every day.

45. I love sitting at a playground watching my kids play.

46. I love to water ski and wish that I were constantly in good enough shape to do it, let alone be seen in a swimming suit as I do.

47. I love to be with people, but only those of my picking.

48. I love to play volleyball at family gatherings and wish I were better than I am since I don't ever make the Bell All Star Team.

49. I wish more Mormons were serious about the gospel and their study of it and could exemplify this in Sunday School each week.

50. I am 33 and don't care that I'm no longer in my twenties, but I have a strange excitement to being in my forties.

51. I love to shop and accessorize, when it doesn't take a lot of time.

52. When I was younger, my brother wanted to play catch with me, but I was playing with my baton so I put my baton in my mouth as he thew the ball at me, which hit the baton and knocked it out of my mouth and chipped my two front teeth.

53. I was a Ricks College Cheerleader and loved it!!!

54. I love cheesecake.

55. I don't like ice cream.

56. Sometimes, I am a very quiet and reserved person and most people are uncomfortable with me when I am.

57. I hate to go to bed past 10:00!!!

58. I struggle with anxiety attacks.

59. I am most relaxed when I am sitting outside at night watching the sun set and feeling a cool breeze on my cheeks.

60. I love watching Pride and Prejudice, the 6 hour version.

61. I hate being charged fees when a check goes over our limit.

62. When I was a cheerleader in high school I was in a stunting accident that led my partner to bit my face around my eye, which left me with a big scar through my left eye brow.

63. I got a 3 on my AP Calculus test and was so happy that I passed, I didn't care that it was a 3.

64. I loved teaching math and look forward to doing it again some day, maybe?

65. I loved being skinny and in incredible shape.

66. I wonder frequently what my mother is doing?

67. My favorite female singers are Allyson Kraus, Shania Twain, and Gwen Stefani.

68. My swimming suit/lingerie drawer is a disastrous mess.

69. I love reading about others lives through their blogs, but struggle finding interesting things in my own to write about.

70. I wish parents were required to take parenting classes.

71. I love pears, soft pears from a can.

72. My favorite flower is a lily.

73. I would have liked to have lived hundreds of years ago.

74. I am actually an insecure person that needs reassurance, yet seems to be overconfident.

75. I love a perfectly taken family picture each year.

76. I hate to watch tv during the day on Sundays and feel terribly disobedient and irreverent if I do.

77. I love to listen to religious music on Sunday and feel completely fulfilled and spiritualized when I do.

78. I love it when my husband helps out around the house and surprises me with a clean kitchen or a clean vacuumed room.

79. I hate to be a passenger in a car because I suffer from severe carsickness due to a messed up equilibrium from a car accident I was in when I was 15. I was thrown across the road from the back of a truck bed, landed on my forehead on the sidewalk. and knocked unconscious.

80. I love the edited movie, "The Thomas Crown Affair."

81. I'm sick of trials and enduring to the end.

82. I wonder frequently why my husband adores me so much.

83. I love mindy mint chocolates from Mrs. Cavanaughs.

84. I'm not a real big fan of flowers.

85. I wish I had a spare car that I could drive on my own without the kids and remember the good ol care-free frivolous days.

86. I struggle with overcoming depressing feelings each day.

87. I love banana bread.

88. Music makes me happy and is the key to my soul.

89. I love a good chart! Chore Chart, Daily Activities Chart, Cleaning Routine Chart, Homework Chart, Reading Chart, Social Schedule Chart, etc.

90. Brigden's dimples make me very happy!

91. Halen's drawings make me very happy!

92. Harris' hugs and kisses make me very happy!

93. I'm a little nervous about Halen being gone all day long when she goes to 1st grade. I will miss her.

94. I miss reading my scriptures in the early morning sun on my front porch on my mission.

95. I was most pleased with myself when I was about 5 weeks from coming home from my mission and decided to fulfill the mission president's new request that all missionaries memorize every word of all 6 discussions and I memorized all of them before I came home.

96. I love a very cold glass of milk.

97. I love having a bowl of cereal before bed, but rarely do anymore.

98. I don't struggle with eating really bad foods frequently, but do struggle with overeating at dinnertime.

99. I'd rather have a few really good friends than a lot of superficial friendships.

100. I am very blessed.