Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Just moments after feeling the weight of my frustration of life shining through in my children's behavior, i.e. "When Mom isn't happy, ain't nobody happy!", I realized it was once again time to flip that frown upside down! At the time I was doing Halen's hair and I thought we should sing a song. Singing always makes me happy! Always! Then seeing Brigden in the room I recognized if we sang his favorite song we could for sure get a group effort in participation. I asked them both to sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" with me and explained that it would help us to turn our frowns upside down and help us to be happy. Brigden was shy and timid at first, but Halen being the typical good sport, jumped right in. As we started singing I felt so much better, but then a great surprise came; harmony. I love harmony. I think I love it so much because I am an alto and I just love hearing the harmony and melody work together and knowing I can be a part of that great combination of sounds. At this time I didn't even know that anyone had ever written a harmony part for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but aparantly it didn't matter because there was now one being sung.
When Halen was as young as 6 months old she would sing as we traveled in the car. I thought it was odd and asked my mom once if that was normal for such a young baby. She told me it was definitely possible, but most likely that Halen was a singer at heart. I found this to be very true as I've had more children and none of them have shown any of the desire to sing that she has. She loves to sing and loves to harmonize.
As I listened to her specifically pick out notes to harmonize in the song as we sang, it brought so much joy to my heart! I was smiling, I was happy and she is talented! I'm sure there are plenty of 7 year olds out there that can do what she does, but just hearing her pick out her own harmony and find the joy in doing so, and doing it right (not just thinking she's doing it right) was wonderful! It made the switch I needed in my attitude!
We sang the song another 5 times, just enjoying singing together and listening to the harmony and melody and both loved every minute of it! What fun! Happy Day!


So, unfortunately there is no humor nor wonderful moments in this post. I just need to write/vent about my current feelings. I know that times are financially tough for lots of people right now and unfortunately we are to be included in that group. Dave hasn't had a stable earning job for almost 2 years and I'm almost in shock. I remember the feeling 2 years ago as the process was beginning and the intense feeling of fear I felt as I realized what could come, or more appropriately said, not come in the coming days, weeks, and months. I'll say one thing is for sure, at that time, I didn't think "years" was to be included in that last sentence. Was I ever wrong?
My parents have spoken occassionally of their "trying poor days" throughout my youth and I've listened attentively and amazed at the lessons they learned from their experiences as well as the things they had to do to survive. Most of the time my listening consisted of thoughts that left as quick as they came and included thoughts like, "Wow!" or "Really?"
The reason I bring this up now is because those same words pass through my mind each time we are faced with another obstacle in our quest to find a stable income. We just can't seem to catch a break and each time we think we will, something will happen that will lead me to say, "Wow!" "Really?" It's almost humorous. Well, really it becomes so because if I don't laugh, I'll just end up falling to the ground in monster tears like a 2 year old who didn't get the toy he wanted, but including the fear of a 2 year old who worries about the monster under their bed when they go to sleep. Serious fear! The kind of fear that you just don't understand until you really encounter it. Where will the money come from? Where and how will we find a job? How many times do we need to try a new job until we can find one that works? Why? When? How?
It may seem we are struggling with having faith and yes at times, we most definitely are. We're learning truly what faith means? I'm amazed at how I've learned that faith is not just believing that things will happen for you, but more importantly believing that somehow, homeless or not, we will be alright eternally no matter what happens to us temporally.
I know that people say, "Money doesn't bring happiness," but I also know that it makes it easier because without money, you must fight for happiness. It is a decision every single day to be happy for it would seem, what is there to be happy for? You have no idea how that bill will be paid, what you'll say to that bill collector when they call, how your children will be taken care of in their needs, or if your neighbors will kindly withhold judgement as they look at your dirt filled baren yard for the 3rd year.
I know these are not the kinds of things that an average post will contain, but at the moment, I am in reality and this is the raw truth of my reality! I've listened to so many people talk about how hard the pioneers had it traveling across the plains to Utah and seriously as I look back over the last 4 years of my life I feel like I might as well be on those plains. I do think they struggled, but I almost want to shout at the top of the mountains to all those that are suffering and say, "Yes, This is hard. It's really hard and just like the pioneers!" I know so many people struggling with life right now with not only finances, but also health, marriage, religion, family, etc. I am amazed at what seems a heightened level of difficulty in life for so many. I'm not sure if it's just that I'm more aware now than I was 4 or so years ago, but the last few years have really seem to hit a lot of people hard.
Honestly, I'm tired. I'm worried, and I'm struggling to find that smile, but, of course, I'll keep trying, I'll read my scriptures to give me that daily boost of faith and perserverance, but I just want myself to know when I read this journal entry years from now and hopefully read having forgotten how truly difficult this trial was; This is hard! There must be a wonderful place in the heavens above that going through this makes it all worth it, but for now, this is just my reality!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Are you Quilting Kidding Me?

A few years ago I caught a small quilting bug and bought some matching fabric and a pattern. I dug through many patterns until I finally found one I liked, not being very attracted to most quilting styles, and took my purchase home. The sad part was that I lost all motivation when I sat down and begun. I hadn't even really looked at the pattern so that wasn't what scared me, it was just that I had no desire to do it.

I have a dear friend who loves to quilt and figured maybe I was missing out on something, but soon realized that this wasn't the time and place for me to begin quilting. I just didn't have it in me. Well, after showing my pattern to some other quilting friends, I learned that there was good reason for me not to quilt that pattern, or at least to start quilting with that pattern because it was a very difficult one. After learning this I just chalked it all up to a learning experience and threw my pattern and material in a bag in a closet, very deep in the closet.

Quite some time later I found it while cleaning out the closet and mentioned it to my dear friend; Cynthia. She graciously said she would quilt it for me because I still really wanted the finish product, but was now intimidated by the difficulty of the task. Well, I just received it in the mail Friday and I knew immediately what it was when I saw her handwriting on the box. I jumped up and screamed, "Dave, it's the quilt." He cheered me on, "Open it! Open it! Let's see!" I pulled it out and was in complete shock. It was/is beautiful! I just sat and looked at it for a good 15 minutes just amazed at how so many sections were so different and this is one of the reasons it was such a difficult pattern.

I had already decorated my baby room to match these colors, but was just missing the crib baby blanket and today for the first time I got to put Bevan down for her nap with her new baby blanket/quilt. It is so beautiful and I am so grateful for a dear friend in Cynthia that she would spend so much time to do something so special for me. As I told her on the phone, "I feel so spoiled!" Isn't it just beautiful! I'm so blessed to have her as is she to have her quilting skills!

Cynthia and I have been friends ever since my days in Park City and it's been great because she and I have been able to maintain a great relationship regardless of the distance. She is just like a sister to me and I love her dearly! I'm so happy to be able to have a quilt made by her in my possession because that is what makes it so very special to me!

All this quilt talk reminded me of another very special quilt in my home. When my mother was diagnosed with Cancer my sweet sister in law; Julie wanted to make a quilt for my mom and indirectly me when my mother was no longer able to enjoy it. The colors she had me pick were ones that matched my mother's bedroom set and personality perfectly. I now have the quilt and feel so warm physically and emotionally when using it. I'm starting to understand the quilt thing.

This is a quilt my mother and I made together for my wedding. It's pretty simple, but it holds great love and memories for me and my family because of it's origin.

This is a quilt I made for Dave while we were dating. It's quite the story. I didn't think we were headed anywhere as a couple so I didn't want to spend money on him for Christmas. As a result, I opted to make him a quilt out of inexpensive fabric for a Christmas present because I just couldn't not give him anything. Little did I know that we would end up getting married and this quick-sew inexpensive quilt would become my husband's favorite "blanky" in my home. Dave and I laugh a lot over that quilt and how clueless I was at the time I made it for him. Good memories.

This is not my favorite looking blanket (not really a quilt), but it has such great meaning to me that it had to be included. When I was on my mission, my companion and I met and taught an amazing man named Mario. He was baptized after our discussions and gave us gifts to show his gratitude. I received this blanket. It always reminds me of my mission days and I just love to have it around because of that and it's great warmth. The picture on it, ummm... I could do without, but really who cares what a blanket looks like if you can baptize somebody, right?

This last blanket was given to me by my wittle sister; Megan. She was so excited to pick out my color choices and give this to me as her own instigated birthday present for me. I just love to think of her each time I see it. What a sweetheart for a sister! It's become my running blanket that I use after my runs to keep warm. It's so fun to get a "hug" from Megan after each run!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I've alive and well

I had an interesting experience this morning as I began a conversation with a stranger and ended it with a friend. This gentlemen and I spent a few moments discussing our shared current struggle of unemployment in this slow economy. One of the neatest parts of the conversation was our shared love of God regardless and because of our situations. He shared how his 5 children had struggled through the summer given there were no funds for anything extracurricular. He also shared how scary it was to not know how to make ends meet, but how grateful he was that at least he had a roof over his head and food on his table. We both shared how we had individually come to the conclusion of the importance of waking up each day with a smile and faith. At the end of the conversation and after discussing of the burn of the refiner's fire during great trials like this, my heart was very warm and I was humbled at what a wonderful person and spirit this gentleman was. We both wished each other well and went out separate ways.
When I got in my car the radio automatically came on and this was the song...."I'm alive" w/ Kenny Chesney and The Dave Mathews Band.
It was so perfectly timed and I enjoyed every minute of it as I dwelled on my gratitude for my life, my family, the fulfillment of my basic needs, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm so grateful for my membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and for the great organization that it is. And lastly, I'm so grateful for trials which humble me more and more and more and more and more....

Halen & Soccer FUN!

Halen played her first soccer game this year last Saturday and not only did she have a blast, so did her mother, her uncle Corbin, and her cousin Niki. Niki are on the same team and Corbin is their coach. I asked Corbin before the game if he was having fun and he replied, "Sure." He wasn't very enthusiastic because he had been doing all the logistics of getting the team put together, practices, etc. and hadn't really had any FUN yet, but after the game his answer was completely different as he walked over to me and said, "Wow! That was fun!" to which I agreed!
Niki was amazing. She scored at least 4 goals and was such a power house when she wanted to be. It's fun to watch the kids give it their all and then be just pooped and want to sit on the side lines after only a few minutes of running. There are 4 time periods each 10 minutes long and surprisingly, it's a long 10 minutes.

Halen sat out the first session and then when it was her turn to go in she was quite nervous, as is Halen's first inclination with anything. She went out there and after 4 or 5 minutes came out due to an injury, she was kicked in the leg. After asking her how she was doing she started crying in frustration because the "girls were pushing her" and she didn't like it. I had to explain the aggressive nature of soccer and that she just needed to tough it out. She said she would try it again and the next session was amazingly different. As soon as she gets her confidence in check, she's a real determined little girl. She started working her way through the pack and finding that ball as shown here:

She surprised even me with her determination and focus on the ball. I figured she'd do all right and have fun, but I had no idea she had such focus. She not only played excellent on offense, but was one of the only girls to return with the ball and opposing players on defense. She even scored a goal and assisted another one.

It was so much fun to watch her enjoy herself and play so well. I don't know about her, but Corbin and I can't wait for the next game!

Banana Bread & Thank Thee

Brigden loves his banana bread, just like his mother! The kid can eat at least 4-5 slices of banana bread in one sitting, it's just amazing. Anytime he sees or hears "banana bread" he is all over it and begging instantly for some. I absolutely LOVE banana bread and could eat it every day as well, so there's no question where he gets it from. Here he is chowing down on his 5th slice.

Over the years as our children have learned to pray, I've noticed their personality come out in their praying style. Brigden has only been praying on his own for a little while now, but he has definitely taken to his own style. Here is the prayer he gave just this morning at breakfast.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank thee for this day.

Thank thee for our food.

Thank thee for my light saber.

Thank thee for my Lightning McQueen Car.

Thank thee for Halen and Bevan and Harris and Daddy and Mommy and Halen and me and Bevan and Daddy and Mommy and Harris and Bevan and me and Halen, etc.

Thank thee for my cousins.

Thank thee for my teacher.

Thank thee for my toys.

Thank thee for my friends.

Thank thee for this day.

Thank thee for our house.

Jesus Christ, Amen.

It may seem that this prayer I've just written was a lot of "Thank Thee's" but the truth is that is all Brigden says in his prayers. It is so fun to listen to him pray because he is so positive and not to say that we shouldn't all need things and include "Please bless'" but Brigden's prayers are a great example to me of being grateful. Sadly, we even have to cut him off sometimes because his list is too long. Maybe that isn't right, but it is reality. He is such an optimistic joy to have around!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Weighed, W-e-i-g-h-ed!

Halen and I have been practicing her spelling words this week in preparation for her weekly spelling test and one of the words is 'weighed.' Occassionally when she doesn't know what the word is I'll use it in a sentence to help her recognize the correct word. This was the case with 'weighed' when I said it the first time and she gave me a blank look so I said, "I weighed 100 lbs."

Now, this is so far from the truth and mostly because given my muscular body type I can't remember the last time I weighed 100. I think in elementary school I went straight from 70 lbs to 120 lbs or maybe that was jr high. I have no idea, but what Halen said next was just heaven sent;

"Oh, Mom, you don't weigh that much."

I just giggled inside because how untrue that statement was, but how adorable that she sincerely thought I couldn't weigh such a big number. Little does she know, I love the innocence of youth sometimes!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

As of Late...

Bevan has had a lot of first these last few days. She has sat up for the first time, crawled for the first time, and we found one new tooth and another one just peeking through the surface. Wow! Teeth, sitting, and crawling all at once. That makes for easy documentation of her monumental moments. I can't express enough how much we all love having her around. She has such a great giggle and is such a cheerful child!

In the past I have told my children one of the reasons we need to brush our teeth is to get rid of the "sugar bugs" in our mouth and on our teeth. Therefore, occassionally after they brush their teeth they open wide and ask if there are any more sugar bugs in their mouth. This morning, after Brigden was flossing, and having a difficult time doing so because the floss kept getting stuck in between his back teeth, he said, "Ughh! Those potato bugs are tough." Just yesterday when Halen opened a belated birthday present and was super shocked to find it contained many Hannah Montana items, Brigden said, "What the...!" It is something Halen says all the time and there has never been a question of whether or not another word should come next or not because the next word isn't said in our home to begin with, but it is a funny thing to hear a 3 year old say it. He's quite the drama boy!

Harris has been extremely thrilled lately to have a brand new pair of tennis shoes. He's been so concerned about his new shoes that he has instituted a few rules for himself; no running in water and dirt, check them for "stickies" whenever he comes in the house, and keep them looking as new as possible. Honestly, I'm impressed that he's even trying because I'm sure the day will quickly come as a normal boy that those new shoes no longer looking new. The one downside to his new tennis shoes is that they have shoelaces and he hasn't ever had to tie his shoes before. Well, after 2 days of asking Mom to tie his shoes each time he put them on, Harris was done with that. He is an extremely self-motivated independent child. There is nothing he can't do, at least that's what he thinks. So after failing at teaching himself how to tie his shoes, which he really believed he could figure out on his own, he asked me to help him. I figured I would have to show him quite a few different times when we put his shoes on over the next few days, but I couldn't have been more wrong. I showed him in detail once on each shoe and then had him practice once on each shoe and then that was it. He did it perfectly from then on showing me how he had done it each time. I was in shock! It always amazes me what Harris can accomplish when he puts his mind to it. Especially considering what he will not do when he does not want to do it. He has amazing mind power!

Halen wasn't feeling well yesterday because of a light fever so she, the other kids, and I enjoyed a nice quiet day at home together. At first, I was really worried they would just fight all day because they were bored and couldn't play with friends, being sick, but again, I was wrong. (There seems to be a consistency here?) They played together with their capes and dolls in the morning and then after quiet time continued to play very well together. One of the biggest shockers of the day for me was that Halen played all by herself in her room for at least 3 hours. When I would check on her, because this was not normal, she was very content and about her business playing with her dolls and her dollhouse. That dollhouse has been one of the best purchases Dave and I have ever made together for our family! Later that night when I asked her what she played she went on to tell me for at least 15 minutes about each doll, including their role; daughter, mother, father, etc. and their hair. I almost fell asleep hearing about all the different hair styles of the dolls, but delighted in how excited she was about the entire thing. She and I have started a new tradition of actually talking on her bed before she goes to bed. We usually talk after school, but she also loves it when we talk before she goes to bed. In the past I've started our conversation by asking her, "What were 5 good things about your day?" to help her focus on the positive of some really bad days. As a result, she asks me each night, "Aren't you going to ask me what was good about my day?" I just love this new tradition of ours because I find that she loves talking to me and as I look back on my days as a daughter, I, too, loved talking to my mother. I hope that if we keep this up she'll continue to talk to me and there will never grow a barrier between us when she gets older and wants to become more private. I love our little time together and the other benefit is that I am now trying to put them to bed sooner so that I can enjoy that time with each of them and then they go to sleep better, having had 'down time' to relax them and prep them for sleeping. Another benefit is that it makes for less time fighting with each other as children. What a joy to have good quality time with my family!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sisters Forever, Hopefully Friends!

Halen (7) and younger sister Bevan (7 mo)

I just love that Halen and Bevan have each other. Growing up it was sometimes hard for me to get along with my 5 year younger sister Brynn, but my relationship with her now is one of my most cherished relationships. I adore her and our understanding of one another and especially now with my mother's passing, I need her more than ever. I love that my daughters will have each other and am so excited to see their love towards one another grow in the future.

Halen already loves having Bevan around and is very helpful in taking care of her. She loves playing with Bevan and holding her. She probably holds her the most, but Harris is a close second place.

The other ironic thing is how different they look. Many people think they look alike, but in actuality they seem to look alike because of their similarities in coloring. They both have light eye color as well as skin and hair, but their distinct features are so different. Halen is a blonde version of me, Mandolin, and Bevan is pure 100% Dave. It'll be fun to see Bevan as she gets older and their differences in looks become more apparent.

Bevan at 7 Months

What a pure joy Bevan has been in our life! She is now eating rice cereal, peaches, pears, beans, bananas, etc. She loves attention, as all babies, but thrives on watching. She has to always be sat up on your lap so she can see what's going on around her. She is a pretty content baby as long as there is something going on around her to watch. Just yesterday for Labor day I was able to lay her on a blanket for at least an hour and she was just happy to watch the other babies on the blanket with her or the people nearby.

This not to say she isn't a normal baby since she does her fair share of fussiness, but all in all, she is a pleasure to have around and we are so happy that she has been added to our family. She brings a smile to the faces of all whom enter the room.

She is very easily pleased. The weirdest thing about her would just have to be how ridiculously similar her looks are to those of her father. It shouldn't be a surprise, but the exactness of her facial expressions to his is just crazy! Many times she'll make looks and I'll just get a weird sensation because I'll feel as if I'm looking at Dave, but know somewhere deep inside, I'm not, I'm looking at Bevan. Then again, there are some looks that she makes that you wouldn't normally see Dave make and it's strange to see a Dave face making those looks on her face. For example; we don't usually see Dave make a yearning face for someone to pick him up, but we know when Bevan makes it, she's his daughter! (It would be a funny sight to see on Dave though, wouldn't it?)

She is easily pleased and very happy to be held. Whenever someone gives her attention she ducks her head down as if she is embarrased and then lifts her head up and reaches out wide for them to pick her up. She is loving peek a boo and water. She just sat up for the first time a few days ago and is about to crawl. She already scoots backwards, but is now rocking back and forth on her knees getting ready to take that first crawl forward.

Her eyes are probably the most piercing thing about her. Everybody comments on them and I agree, they are mesmerizing. When I look at them they seem to lock me into some kind of trance. What a beautiful blue! And her hair is still a white blonde just like Dave's when he was a baby. Halen and Harris were both blonde, but Harris was the only one to be just as white blonde as Bevan. So fun to see the differences in all of our children.
Oh how blessed we are, we love our beautiful Bevan!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Halen Turns 7!

This year was the year for Halen to enjoy a friend birthday party. She chose to do a Hannah Montana Birthday party and have all her friends watch the new Hannah Montana movie together at her party. I loved the idea as well; less work and she received the movie as one of her presents. It was also fun to have a long list of friends to invite to her party because we had seating for many to watch the movie. Of course, not everyone was able to attend, but she was blessed enough to enjoy her birthday party with 12 friends. They were so much fun to watch watching the movie and during one dancing part. I video'd them all dancing and it was so cute. I just wanted to jump in and do it with them. I fear I'll be one of those moms that are just not cool because they want to be with the kids and not the "Mom."

Who would have thought that decorating her own birthday cake would have turned out to be such a great thing for both us, me less stress, and Halen all the creativity rights she wanted. She was thrilled to decorate her own cake this year! She chose to put a present on top of it with lots of sprinkles. It was such a fun thing for her to do and such a great relief because I wasn't up for decorating a cake given her planned birthday party with friends was enough work for me.

Halen was very grateful for her many presents; including a Hannah Montana doll, the Hannah Montana movie, a new jacket, microphones for the xbox, jewelry, and a new pony. This must be why she loves birthdays so much. Presents!!!

It's so great to look back on her life and feel so grateful for her presence in our home and hearts! I have loved each year of her life in mine and am so excited for many more to come. She is a blessing in our home and growing so quickly!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Halen's First Day of 2nd Grade

Halen on her first day of 2nd grade. Ummmm. Are you kidding me? She is supposed to be almost 7, but seriously after I looked at this picture when I took it I wanted to cry because I can already see myself taking the picture of her on her first day of junior high or high school. I know I shouldn't say these things, but I'm going to. She is beautiful. I'm shocked at her beauty. I wish I had had such beauty as a young girl. I say this not to beg for compliments or pity, but merely to state the facts. I was so much more awkward looking and I'm already worried about the boys with this girl. I've got to keep her humble! Wish me luck!

Not only is she beautiful in my eyes, but she is a pure gem. She is such a helper and sensitive person. I am so blessed to have her as my daughter, the oldest, and my friend. I just adore her.
She was so nervous to go back to school, as always with Halen, because she wanted to make sure she would have friends and like her classmates and her teacher. This is just her nature. She struggles with fear, fear of everything! It took at least a week for her, after many discussions, to remember that this is how she feels every year and somehow it always works out after the first few days of school.

Of course, after the first day the fear was no longer present and she was back to normal, wanting to play with friends and excited for the next day. I love to hear her stories of who she played with at recess and get the goods from the after school chat we share each day. I remember doing the same thing with my mother and now hold those few moments as so precious. I always try to ask her questions that will stimulate great answers instead of yes and no so I can get the real stories from the long day away from me. She is always so great to share and we have such a special bond. I am so blessed. Even after the first day of school she came home and gave me a great big hug because she had missed me so much. It was a long first day without Halen at home and I missed her just as much.

She is making new friends as well as enjoying the same old best friends and things are working out real well for her so far this year. She, too, is loving having Harris to play with at recess and in the same hallway. They are such great friends at times. What a blessing! I loved being able to have my brothers with me at school. It was like having a little piece of home away from home with me at all times.

She is such a great student and very responsible. She sometimes struggles with doing all of her homework because the desire to play with friends after school is so great, but what child doesn't? We love our Halen!

Harris First Day of Kindergarten

Wow. How quick the time flies by and how grown up out little boy has become.
Harris(5) has been so excited to get to go to Halen's school and on Halen's bus this entire last summer he could barely believe the day was here. It was really frustrating because he was able to go see his classroom the first day of school, but then because of assessment appointments he wasn't actually able to attend school until a week later. It was a very long week. He was thrilled to find out that his classroom is right across the hallway from Halen and that they get to share the same last recess of the day.
Harris has grown a lot in the last few months. I wondered if he would be ready for Kindergarten and be able to listen to his teacher, but according to reports from other mothers as well as his preschool teacher, Harris is a very responsible obedient child. I don't always get to see this side of him at home, but it makes me happy to know that he has such a side and is showing it to others, and especially his leaders, educational and religious.
I've been very impressed with how much he really does educationally know because he doesn't always seem to show an interest. It's strange how he just seems to have a knack for remembering things even though he doesn't act like he would nor does he put in the time to reep the rewards. He reminds me of his father who is just smart by birth and can get away with not doing homework because he can remember things without it.
After his first few days, I asked him to make a goal of making new friends and each day he would come home and report on his progress. One day he said, "Mom, I made a new friend and we played at recess, but I forgot to ask him his name. I'll ask him tomorrow." Then the next day he said, "Mom, I made another new friend, but forgot to ask him his name too. I'll ask him tomorrow." Aparantly, names are unimportant, but who cares when you can play together right?
We're so proud of him and his growth lately! He is really blossoming and is ready to go. He did great on his assessment. He is a sweetheart and a hard worker and will do very well at school!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Brigden's First Day of Preschool

Brigden (3) has been waiting for this first day of preschool for years. He has watched his bigger brother and sister head out the door each day during the school year and begged to "go to school too." Well, the day has finally arrived. He was so excited that he picked out his shirt all by himself and made sure to wear his soccer shirt. He was also so excited to wear his very own Spiderman backpack and wanted it on in the picture. You'll also notice his sandals are on the wrong feet, just like the independent child wanted.

I am so thrilled he gets to go to school now for his sake and for mine. I am loving the extra time with him, Harris, and Halen all gone for at least a little bit during the week, but I do also miss them, just a little bit. His preschool teacher asked him to bring his name with items on each letter of his name that started with that same letter. We had so much fun making it that we wanted to take a picture of it and it now is stuck to the door of his room. He is very bright and I can tell is already going to excel in school because it is just his personality style, very maticulous and inquisitive. He is already working on writing his name and knows lots of letters all by himself. He shows me whenever he finds a "B" wherever we go.

Oh, how we love Brigden and with those dimples, how could you not. He is a jewel!