Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Recent Events

Each Sunday as we struggle to get all the little ones looking their best, plan our lessons, and get ourselves ready, it's always a wonder if we'll look decent enough for our Sabbath meetings. Every once in a great while, the kids look as precious as they are in our hearts. This was one of those days. My heart melted as I looked at my beautiful daughters; Bevan (2 1/2) and Halen (9). Their personalities are just as the looks on their faces; Bevan quirky, funny, cheerful, bold, and Halen, timid, shy, smart, adorable, and loving. We are so very blessed!

This was one of those very rare moments where Bevan is sitting still and pondering. She usually doesn't waste any time telling us of her thoughts and wants. How I got this picture pose, I have no idea, other than to keep pushing the button and catch an instantaneous moment. She such a pleasure to have around and a breath of fresh air, most times.

Here is a picture more indicitive of Bevan's personality. CUTE and crazy! She is mid giggle in this moment and her laughter is so infectious and fun that we were all giggling just watching her. She kept lifting her skirt up and covering her face over and over and thought she was so funny, well, lifting her skirt was funny, but not even close to as funny as watching her think she was funny.

Brigden and Bevan are as good as friends as different as they look from each other. They are constantly playing house; Brigden the baby and Bevan the mother. Brigden walks around calling her, "Mommy," and Bevan calls him, "Honey." It's really funny to watch because their role-playing fits their personalities perfectly. Bevan loves to boss him around and Brigden loves to act like a baby. They are very quirky and cute together and love each other dearly.

This last Sunday we were so blessed to have a visit from Dave's brother Brian and his wife, Kazuko. We love them dearly and are so excited to see them since they live in Japan. Our boys are always more than thrilled to see Uncle Brian visit because as soon as he enters the room, all of a sudden our family room transforms into a wrestling ring where Uncle Brian is the Professional Wrestler and the boys are the wimpy peons that he gets to throw around the ring. The funny thing about it is each time after the boys are thrown onto the couch, they laugh and jump up as quick as they were thrown down and run towards Uncle Brian throwing the biggest punches they can manage, which actually wouldn't hurt even a fly. We all sit back and watch, loving every moment of it, but for sure not as much as the boys love the wrestling match.

As our life has fallen into a routine funk, things are going much more smoothly. The kids are comfortable with their classes and working hard.  One of the highlights of our week is watching the kids in their soccer games. Halen is adjusting to the much larger field, working hard, and advancing in her skills. Harris is thriving in the small field game since just last week he scored 3 goals and a great assist in only 2 and 1/2 quarters. He loves the game and is really learning quickly. I have to be honest, it warms my heart that they are loving MY SPORT!!! I don't mind if they choose something else instead, but I love that I can at least enjoy watching them play while it lasts.