Sunday, March 8, 2009

Brigden Turns 3!

Life with Brigden has for the most part been a pure pleasure. It hasn't been up until the last few months that he's actually shown us his strong independent nature in desiring anything other than what his parents desire. He is a pretty easily pleased child as long as Lightning McQueen or Disney CARS is involved.

I was really worried about how he would react to some of his birthday presents given he already owns most of the CARS cars so I couldn't get much more CARS things. He did receive a fold up mini machines semi truck carrier that unfolds to a mini race track for his mini machines cars. Surprise...he loved it!

We get to see grin constantly! It's such a blessing and sometimes even a curse believe it or not.
It's hard to explain, but the truth!

Brigden was very insistent on getting his Lightning McQueen Lego Car Cake. I wasn't quite sure what his idea of a Lightning McQueen Lego Car Cake was supposed to look like, but I knew what I could do with my limited abilities. So...the cake is supposed to be a large blue lego piece with lightning McQueen cake toppers all around it. Thank heavens he was easily pleased and quite proud of his Lightning McQueen Lego Car Cake!

Brigden was special enough to have his Great Grandmother June Bell visit when we were celebrating his birthday. She is such a gem to have around, such a peaceful person.

Brigden's favorite present was his Blue Lightning McQueen car which he carries around everywhere and constantly. We love our sweet miscevious Brigden and look forward to many more years to come! I wonder if he'll still love Lightning McQueen 5 years from now.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spiderman Duo

Harris as Black Spiderman and Brigden as Red Spiderman

Harris (4) and Brigden (2) love to play Spiderman. Harris has the black Spiderman costume so he plays the mean spiderman and Brigden wears Harris' old Spiderman costume as the red "nice" spiderman. They will spend hours running around the house and slinging their webs all over in their costumes. They really believe they are Spidermen! It's such a joy to watch them so happy in their make believe world.

Daddy's and Donuts

David and Halen on their way to "Daddy's and Donuts."

At Halen's school they do an early morning activity where the students bring their Daddy's to school with them before school. The school provides donuts and the Daddy's and students get to eat donuts as they read books together in the hallway. Halen had been counting down the days to have her father come with her. Dave wasn't sure if he would be able to attend and when he finally committed to her to go she was as happy as could be.