Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy D-Day Mom!

Yesterday, October 27th, was a big milestone for my family and I. It was my mother's passing date, of now 2 years ago. It would actually be a benefit for me to express this and the same date last year as being the only really hard days in the last 2 years of her absence, but the truth is almost every other day is a hard day as I continually strive to readjust to life without one of my very few best friends, my mom; Karen.

It's hard to explain how much she meant to me, but in barely skimming the subject surface, I would say it's mostly difficult because she knew me so deeply given she gave birth to me, reared me, shared similar genetic qualities with me, and regardless of knowing me so deeply, she loved me unconditionally and exemplified it daily in her selfless self-motivated actions to sensitively care for me. I have no doubt she does the same today in her spirit, but honestly, there is just nothing like the actual touch in comparison to the spiritual touch somedays!

My sister has written her own feelings very well concerning our current loss and therefore I find it easy and convenient to piggy back upon them until I can find the time to appropriately do my love and respect for my mother justice!