Friday, March 11, 2011

Brigden's 5th Birthday

Brigden chose a Toy Story birthday party to celebrate his 5th birthday with friends. Brigden chose to dress up as a dinosaur, Halen and I were cowgirls, and Harris was a cowboy; like Woody. Brigden invited his bestest friends and was extremely excited for this party for months before the actual event. One of my favorite memories of Brigden's excitement for his party was his constant requests to be surprised at his birthday party. I kept trying to explain the impossible nature of holding a surprise party for a boy who planned his own party, but he wouldn't hear of it. He just kept saying, "But, Mom, I can hide downstairs and then you can tell me when to come up after everyone has arrived and then they can all yell 'Surprise!' " Just one look at his super dinosaur grin and you can understand why such a giddy silly boy would dream up such a surprise party.

We were able to enjoy many Toy Story activities including, pin the star on Woody, Woody Woody Buzz (Duck Duck Goose), Buzz Lightyear Air Glider Contests, Find your Toy Story friend, and Coloring Pages. It was fun to watch some children buzz right through their coloring jobs and others really take time to do detailed work.

The party was a huge success regardless of my error in forgetting to "surprise" Brigden. He was still able to end the event with a smile enjoying his pizza and bug cupcakes. What more could a kid ask for, besides a surprise party, eh?

As a family we celebrated on his actual day with yummy cupcakes, lit candles, and even more presents.

Bet you can't figure out which of his presents was his favorite in these pictures!

Yep, the pillow pet. He loves it!!! He thought it was the most ingenous thing to fold it up into a standing pet and then change it into a pillow. Seriously? Why didn't I think of something so ridiculously simple to earn millions off of? He still sleeps with this pillow pet and smile nightly!

If giddy, silly, flightly, cheerful, ambitious, tedious, detailed, loving, and active personality is to your liking, then you should spend more time with Brigden! He can be such fun with his infectious giggles and large hugs. His energy is amazing and sometimes overwhelming. Bringing him down from Utopia to Earth is our greatest difficulty as his parents. He lives on Utopia and vacations on Earth. The truth is his trips to Earth aren't usually vacations, however, because they are filled with chore lists and activities which include requirements for a 5 year old boy who is learning responsibility.

As a toddler, he loved to watch CARS, and now he rarely watches it, but still loves to do CARS puzzles and draw CARS characters. He knows his numbers in preparation for Kindergarten, but also knows the number 65 because it is the number he puts on all the race cars he draws. He loves to draw speedy fast fire cars, trucks with dinosaur heads, and other strange vehicles.

In primary last year, he learned the 4th LDS Article of Faith and now he not only still knows the 4th, but has learned the other 3 before it. He's very diligent in reading his scriptures and saying his prayers and remembering to pray for others in need. He has become great friends with his sister Bevan and is frequently found sitting on the couch next to her with his arm around her as they watch TV together.

We absolutely adore Brigden and feel very blessed to have him in our lives.

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