Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bevan's First Haircut

Bevan was not blessed with a full head of hair as a baby. She's only even getting her first haircut at the age of 2 because she barely has any hair now. The only hair cut she's getting is to even out the bottom. When she saw Harris and Brigden, she wanted to get her hair cut. I found it quite interesting that she wanted to have one because Harris and Brigden don't put on a very appealing show while frowning during their own hair cuts. Regardless, immediately after the last boy jumped off the chair from getting his hair cut, Bevan climbed in and was all ready for the cape and cut.

Maybe that haircut wasn't such a good idea. Her smile is sure gone, but at least her hair is even on the ends. We just have to make sure she has a bow in her hair most of the time so she clearly looks like a girl.

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