Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Boy Toy Sidewalk Sale

Frequently, the children will ask me if they can sell one or some of their toys. This particular afternoon, Harris came home from school bursting through the door begging to have a boy toy sale. I told him to gather the items he wanted to sell and then I'd pass off the items that could be sold. He and Brigden gathered about 3-5 things each and after being passed off headed out to set up their sidewalk store. Brigden found some of his cars, pictures, and planes to sell. Unfortunately, his smile wasn't for sale!

Harris gathered some of his toys, including a large flexible frisbee, dominos, army guys, and cars. He even took the time to make signs for the price of each item. The frisbee he was trying to sell was donated to us from our neighbor.

I found it hilarious that one of Harris' first customers was this neighbor's son and laughed as I watched Harris try to sell this boy his old toy back. It didn't quite work, to Harris' dismay, but Harris didn't let this get him down because moments later Bevan was playing with the frisbee and Harris turned to me and seriously declared, "Mom, you need to give me some money because Bevan is buying the frisbee." I laughed so hard, but then had to explain that Bevan wasn't buying the frisbee, she was just window shoppping. Wow, what bold moves! Quite the con-artist with his neighbor and his Mom. Unsuccessful, thankfully! We'll have to keep a watch on this one.

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